Jason Morrissey was born and raised in Vermont. He Received his BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from Maine College of art in 1998. Shortly after he worked for the college and out of his own private studio as a metalsmithing and glass instructor for the better part of a decade. During which his work was published in 20 international books. Jason has continued his education studying at craft schools including Haystack and New England school of Metalwork. Over the past 8 years Jason has focused on pattern welded steel and damascus. He attributes most of his patterns from his studies in glass techniques. Working in the glass and metal community has exposed him to some of the best in both industries. Creating opportunities for collaborations and one of a kind objects.


2004 - Current

  • American Bladesmith apprentice
  • New England School of Metal Work - Bladesmithing
  • Blacksmithing Programs - Blacksmith Intensive classes with James Viste, Eric Ziner, Toby Hickman and Dereck Glaser
  • Bladesmithing Program - Nick Rossi (Abs apprentice), Christopher Derinager (Master Bladesmith) Kevin Cashen (Ms) , Jd Smith(Ms) ,Burt Foster(Ms), Joe Kessler(Ms), Howard Clark, Lin Rhea(Ms), Tim Portier(Ms), Don Fogg(Ms)


  • Haystack school of craft-Intensive classes with-Boris Bally, Hoss Hally, Bobby Hanson, Rick Smith, Peter Ross, Doug Wilson , Bill Fiorinni, Walter Liberman    


  • Wolf studios-Intensive classes with Blaine Lewis, Charles Lewton-Brain, Kate Wolf, Phil Portier, Tim Mcgreight, and Ellen Weiskie.
  • Maine College of Art- Portland ME- BFA Metalsmithing and Jewelry-1998
  • Glasgow School of Art- Glasgow, Scotland- AICAD Mobility Student Program, 


  • Monserrat College of Art- Beverly, MA- Foundation Program- 1993-1994
  • Mount Abraham U.H.S- Bristol, VT- Class of 1993

Memberships, Publication, & Awards

Kennedy Publishing

  • Best of Best Artists 2012
  • Best of Artist-2011 Worldwide Glass vol 3
  • Best of America- 2010 Jewelry vol 3
  • Best of America Glass Volume 2-2009 Back cover photo
  • Best of Worldwide-2009 Jewelry Artist vol 1

Grit City Publishing

  • Smoked Vol 2 -2012
  • 500 Wedding Rings- Lark Books- 2007
  • The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry- Lark Books- 2006
  • Complete Book of Making Beads-Lark Books-2005
  • 1000 Glass Beads-Lark Books- 2004
  • 1000 Rings- Lark Books- 2004
  • Metalsmith's Book of Boxes and Lockets- Brynmorgan Press, Tim McCreight, ed- 1999

Skills/ Private Instruction/ Workshops

  • Metalsmithing
  • Mokume Gane (Wood Grain Metal)
  •  Advanced Stone Setting and Cutting
  • Casting Lost Wax & Direct Molds
  • Large Scale Bronze Foundry Casting
  • Etching
  • Enameling
  • Blacksmithing
  • Damascus Steel Layering
  • Hollow and Sheet Forming
  • General Forging and Fabrication
  • Glass
  • Hot shop/ soft glass
  • Borosilicate Flameworking
  • Moretti Glass Flameworking
  • Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography Experience
  • Currently focusing on Damascus patterns and objects

 Collaboration/ Credits

  • Steve Bates-wine glass pipe/mug pipes
  • Steven Dube-stone cutting/polishing on faceted pieces
  • Scott Rosinski- limited design production hollowforms
  • Nick Rossi-knife collaborations
  • Jason Rivard- photography
  • Robert Diamante- photography
  • Aleks Kazimierczak- Maggie Morrissey, best colab ever